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Privacy Policy


as per our commitment we protect our client's privacy. The information that we use is collected lawfully from you. On 2 reasons we collect your information :-

In the future we will not mail you unless you have given us your consent. There is another chance given by us to you through which you can refuse any marketing E-mail from us or another trader in the future. We will collect following information from our clients

Without our client's explicit consent we do not collect sensitive information. All the accurate and updated information is hold by us. By emailing us, our clients can check their information. If there was an error is provided in the information then we will delete and correct that error for our client's satisfactory. In accordance with our internal security policy and the law the personal information which we hold will be held securely. To track the patterns of behavior of visitors to our site, we may use the technology which may include “cookie” that would be stored in the client's browser. TO prevent this happening our clients can modify their browser. In this way the information which is collected can came into the use to identify you unless you modify your browser settings. For any quarries, comments about privacy our clients can contact us.