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Brass Urli Traditional Bowl Vessel for Home Decor Dia - 6 inch
Rs. 699.00
Product Code: Otto-14

Brass Urli Traditional Bowl Vessel for Home Decor Dia - 6 inch

An uruli is a popular utensil used primarily for cooking in the southern Indian states. It is shaped in the form of a shallow bowl with a wide circumference. Urulis come in a large number of sizes with the largest ones being reserved for cooking in occasions where large number of people is involved.

However, the modern use of an uruli transcends the traditional boundaries. Take this wonderful brass uruli for example. It is of the right size that makes it suitable for numerous decoration purposes. You can use this uruli for filling it with water and then dropping some fragrant flowers into it that will create a sweet fragrance around your room. Floating candles can also be used in this water-filled uruli to add some glorious illuminous effect to your surroundings.

Urulis of this size and style are now popularly used in hotels to uplift the décor and create a majestic ambience about the place.



  • For Genuine Brass Quality Urli buy it from FINE CRAFT INDIA only.
  • Height: 2 inch, Length: 7.5 inch, Width: 6 inch
  • Weight:790 grams
  • Brass Metal
  • Handcrafted in India